Note: due to COVID we are considering a remote set-up as well for those who are located with a max of -2/+2 hours CET (Central European Time).

What You’ll Be Up To

The Back-end Core Team is responsible for leading the creation of a common back-end platform, services and tools that will help game studios to decouple from ane existing proprietary game framework called PlayFab. 

  • Create free-to-play gameplay code for our mobile games
  • Work together with the mobile team to integrate game logic and other areas such Game Design, Data Analytics or User Acquisition
  • Write tools that support the team and speed up development (e.g. front-end tool to deploy config to QA, production to avoid manual work)
  • Improve the reliability of the product and development process (Unit testing, regression testing, performance – automation testing)
  • Work with the Customer Support department to track bugs and satisfy customers with issues
  • Teach and coach fellow engineers on using coding best practices
  • Understand the paradigm of infrastructure as code
  • Help to design game configuration and identify the implications of the design
  • Work with QA to make sure the important corner cases are covered
  • Take care of logging, monitoring and alerts that can be triggered from the game and take action to fix any problem that can appear (Ops part – keeping an eye on the metrics of the game)

  • Collaborate with other studios to find solutions to common problems or situations that the back-end guild can have

Our current tech stack:

  • Databases: We’re using mainly PlayFab ( Back-end as a service ) to store our player’s data, also using Redis to cache metadata or to handle leaderboards. Also we’re using Mongo for some tooling, but MongoDB is not a 1st class citizen in our database stack.
  • Cloud: We’re deploying our apps mainly on Kubernetes on AWS. We handle all the DevOps that are directly related to our apps like k8s definitions or deploy pipeline (We’re using Jenkins & GitHub Actions for CI/CD).
  • Languages: We’re using .NET Core and NodeJS as the main backend code of our backend. Also, we’re developing other common services like caches, leaderboards, etc with Rust that provides us speed and is a language that we think is a good choice to code small microservices. Also, we have some legacy services written in Java, but are not on our roadmap for the future.
  • Observability: We take care of the state of our services using several tools like Kibana, Elasticsearch, Logstash for logging. We’re also exporting metrics to Prometheus and Grafana, but are not the only metrics we have, we’re also using DataDog to monitor business metrics and alerting that may occur in production.


About Us

GameHouse has a deep passion for creating casual story driven games. It’s built around people that have been in the industry for 10+ years and we’re about television addicts, comic lovers, creative artists, story writers, who need to self express by sculpting, coding, drawing and writing. We pride on cut-the-bullshit and just build it when it comes to new stuff. We don’t mind discussing what is good and talking about what needs to be improved. We operate in small teams with a high level of autonomy and responsibility. We care deeply about the characters and worlds that we build.

Along with more than 150 passionate people, you will be a part of a globally-focused team with locations in Eindhoven (HQ), Barcelona, Madrid & Alicante.

What Makes Us Awesome 

You mean aside that we are making games loved by players all around the world? (Seriously, we have some of the best fans in all of gaming) Or our beautiful office in Eindhoven with lots of welcoming, passionate colleagues? If that alone doesn’t convince you, how about these great benefits?

  • It’s an interesting time to join the team when its transitioning into the growing market of high-end free-to-play games, there are a lot of opportunities but also lots of challenges
  • Be part of a team that’s very open to using new tooling & technology (e.g. building microservices in Rust)
  • You will be able to take autonomous decisions without a lot of red tape processes
  • Have a direct impact on evolving our processes from day one
  • Strong family and social atmosphere
  • Competitive salary in a high quality of life city (and work environment)
  • Pension plan
  • Employee Book Buying Program
  • Sports program (½ off)
  • Public transport card fully covered

Why You’re Awesome

  • You have overall > 7 years of engineering experience of which min. 2+ years of experience with languages like C# or Java, Python, PHP in a professional capacity (not just hobby projects)
  • You have knowledge of good coding practices and principles like SOLID or DRY and apply them on a daily basis
  • You have worked on and shipped multiple projects with exposure to shipping features, maintaining/Ops. Not just one single project at a single company
  • You have experience with Unit testing, CI/CD and Git
  • Good Docker knowledge
  • Good English level
  • You embrace change
  • Valid EU-work permit
  • Passion for clean and appropriately tested code

Application Process

The process comprises at two (selection) rounds, a personality, and skills test. If you reside internationally we will fly you in to meet us face-to-face and get an impression of the great location and city!

Do you share our passion for creating casual story driven games and care deeply about the characters and worlds you build? Take your place in a passionate but humble team of experts and put your stamp on the future of our games.