For you the world is a character in itself.

Our Living World Team

The Living World Team is a multi-disciplinary group of designers, programmers, animators and artists that work tightly together to bring our villages, cities, cultures and civilization to life. The team collaborates with our writers, tech & tool developers, game direction and art direction to push the liveliness of our world to new heights.

As a Principal Animator, you breathe life into our worlds. For you, animation is not just about the key-frames and poses of the hero characters. Your canvas is bigger; you work on the scale of streets, cities… entire worlds. For you the world is a character in itself.

What you will do

As a Principal Animator, your tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Review internally as well as externally produced content;
  • Mentor and inspire the other animators on the team;
  • Coordinate and run mo-cap sessions;
  • Write briefs for and give feedback to external vendors;
  • Propose novel approaches for improving the quality of our living world animations;
  • Push the envelope for free moving crowd animations;
  • Work closely with Design, AI, Art Direction, Anim Tech and other departments to realize our vision.

Who you are

We’d love to hear from you if fit the following:

  • You are an experienced animator at a large games studio working on AAA productions;
  • As an animator, you have hands-on experience working on at least one shipped game that features a big crowd element;
  • You have a strong fundamental knowledge of AI-driven NPC animation and understand what the unique requirements are;
  • You have a lot of experience with complex animation networks;
  • You have experience with outsourcing animation and know how to get good results from vendors;
  • You are keenly aware of the state-of-the-art developments within the game industry and you want to do even better.