Are you looking to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team to steer implementation of engaging game features and systems for our groundbreaking VR games and experiences? Do you want to be the person responsible for the technical core of our games and experiences?

Are you comfortable cooperating closely with the core project team to setup the direction for the project and the technical team? Do you like to work closely with the chief engineer to determine the best technical approaches for your project and for the studio?

Do you like to work in balance between managing your tech team and writing parts of the project code to keep a detailed involvement in the project?

Are you the person that likes to think in solutions instead of problems and do you see challenge in finding direction for the most difficult problems in a project?

Then we are surely looking for you!


  • To work closely together with the other discipline leads, your producer and game director in order to setup the technical direction for a project;
  • To stand at the core of a project and setup the overarching plan and technical design with input from your team in conjunction with the chief engineer;
  • To use your knowledge of C++, object orientation, design patterns, algorithms and data structures to create solid technical designs and steer your team towards the best implementation of a feature or system;
  • To adapt and expand upon our studio pipeline and coding standards to create spectacular and immersive games and experiences;
  • To constantly take performance into account so our games and experiences can keep running at a smooth 72+ FPS, even when rendering to both eyes and using the latest and greatest mobile hardware to do so;
  • To analyze problems and debug them in order to quickly locate and fix challenging bugs;
  • To guide and mentor all programmers in your team so they can technically grow within the studio.


  • You have managed at team of programmers for at least 1 game project, and you were responsible for the project being delivered on time and at the quality level expected
  • You have written a number of games and or hobby projects in C++ and have a good understanding of all the concepts of the language like the object oriented approach, pointers and references, containers, inheritance, polymorphism, structures, visibility, smart pointer types, templates, multiple inheritance, overloading, etc…
  • You have created multiple (hobby) projects using the Unreal Engine providing you with good understanding on creating blueprints, optimizing code through usage of C++ and the Unreal pipeline
  • It is a clear bonus if you have already worked in VR


  • Technical and creative at the same time;
  • Social and collaborative;
  • Excited by the potential of VR;
  • Permitted to work in the EU.


  • A culture that values a healthy work-life balance;
  • Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Benefits according to experience and job;
  • 26 Standard vacation days with an option to buy 5 more;
  • A healthy lunch buffet with regular hot meals and specials;
  • 30% Income tax ruling for eligible expats;
  • Relocation cost compensation depending on your situation;
  • Free pension plan;
  • Free train commuting when living outside of Amsterdam;
  • Group activities and an annual VR game jam;
  • Friday afternoon drinks;
  • The latest VR hardware which you can borrow and take home.

For this vacancy we only consider candidates that are eligible to work in the EU (no visa required).