What You’ll Be Up To

You are an inspiring leader with a strong focus on the long game of building a team that can succeed in today’s competitive mobile games market. It all starts with a passion for games and gaming. From that you have developed a good eye for art and understanding of game mechanics and monetization loops. Above all you have embraced storytelling as a key differentiating factor.

As a successful Game Studio Director at GameHouse you balance strong day to day execution with a religious focus on building the right team for the long haul. Combining personalities, qualities and weaknesses within a team into a relentless desire to craft ever better casual story games. You use data to make informed decisions, but you have the experience and creative instincts to know when to put the numbers aside.

As a leader within GameHouse you will enjoy autonomy, embrace our purpose and are always developing your own craftsmanship. At the same time we expect you, as a leader, to give autonomy and make the development of each individual in the team a top priority. Curiosity is in your DNA as you try to understand how other studios within GameHouse and the wider industry, craft exceptional games.

You report directly to the Chief of Games and are constantly syncing with your peers.


  • Own the overall composition, health and direction of the team
  • Develop the vision of the game with your team
  • Facilitate intrinsically motivated professionals to deliver results. Most of the time you just get out of their way. Other times you unblock and coach them to a better solution
  • Develop the team and craftsmanship of individual team members
  • You constantly challenge the status quo and bring rest and trust from your experience running free to play games
  • You create an environment of constant optimization and improvement in both content and event management
  • You manage the Studio P&L

About Us

Blue Giraffe Games studio at GameHouse, is about a deep passion for creating casual story driven games. It’s built around people that have been in the industry for 10+ years. It’s about television addicts, comic lovers, creative artists, story writers, who need to self express by sculpting, coding, drawing and writing. We pride on cut-the-bullshit and just build it when it comes to new stuff. We don’t mind discussing what is good and talking about what needs to be improved. We operate in small teams with a high level of autonomy and responsibility. We care deeply about the characters and worlds that we build.

Along with more than 150 passionate people, you will be a part of a globally-focused team with locations in Eindhoven (HQ), Barcelona, Madrid & Alicante.

When are you doing a good job?

  • When you are running a strategic plan for how to grow a live game in the next 6 months
  • When you have an overview with prioritized ideas for future releases with clear goals (Kanban)
  • When you have successfully integrated key learnings from earlier releases in new features and optimizations
  • When you have helped build a process for actionable analytics and coached design on how to incorporate
  • When you have created a process, together with production, for constant releasing and A/B testing together with the Back-end and Design

What Makes Us Awesome 

You mean aside that we are making games loved by players all around the world? (Seriously, we have some of the best fans in all of gaming). If that alone doesn’t convince you, how about these great benefits?

  • We are a medium-sized stable company with approx. 150 people that has been around for the last 15 years.
  • Be part of a creative team that is driven by characters and their worlds, be part of early product development, and drive how our players will be engaged with our game for the next 10 years
  • Work with people that have been in the industry for 15+ years while working closely with the Studio Directors from 3 other internal studios
  • Low hierarchy, ability to work autonomous without needless sign-off
  • Social culture with good team spirit, eager to learn from your experience
  • Have a good work/life balance and work in a family-friendly environment.
  • Studio Bonus: There is a direct link between the creators’ input and the success or failure of a game. Therefore 5% of the net revenue of a game will be contributed to a studio bonus pool annually, uncapped.
  • Employee Book Buying Program
  • Sports program (½ off)

Why You’re Awesome:

  • 5+ years in mobile free to play (F2P) gaming including 3+ years in a leadership role, managing 5+ people
  • Experienced with the full production of a high profile (i.e. large audience) F2P casual game from inception to post launch live-ops. Either as Studio Head, Executive Producer or Lead Product Manager/Product Director.
  • High understanding of player mindsets especially regarding user experience, monetization and playability.
  • Proven track record of being a successful leader, with plenty of examples of how you have made others grow (and sometimes go) beyond what they thought possible.
  • You love sharing your team’s ideas and absorbing best practices from others.
  • You feel comfortable and are skilled at communicating focus, vision and “the why” to your team and the company as a whole
  • A need to succeed or as we say it “to build a cultural phenomenon”
  • You are ready to relocate to Eindhoven, the Netherlands when it’s safe

Application Process

The process comprises at four (selection) rounds, a personality, and skills test. We take our hiring seriously and want to ensure the best match for both parties. We’re not looking to just fill a seat. If you reside internationally we will virtually fly you in to meet us face-to-face.

Do you share our passion for creating casual story driven games and care deeply about the characters and worlds you build? Take your place in a passionate but humble team of experts and put your stamp on the future of our games.