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Game Developer in Antwerp

Cybernetic Walrus

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Antwerp, Belgium
Job Type
Full Time
Date Posted
Posted 3 months ago


Cybernetic Walrus is looking for a game developer to join our team to help create applications and games for our customers. Depending on your specific knowledge of the additional requirement you will either be implementing networking in an existing application, working on a PS5 and Xbox Series X game or working on a VR-game using the Unreal Engine.


  • You work on games and client applications.
  • You rapidly prototype ideas, but can also write scalable code when needed.
  • You can work independently and can research problems on your own when needed.
  • You communicate with your team lead and team members to create the best possible experience.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in game development with at least one year related experience.
  • Proficiency with the Unity/Unreal game engine.
  • Ability to write scalable C# code.
  • Ability to write code that is easy to read and debug.
  • Strong work ethic – ensuring products are in a shippable state.
  • Strong written and verbal skills in English.
  • You can optimize code where needed.
  • Interest in a wide variety of games and game genres.
  • Ability to work on-site in the Cybernetic Walrus office in Antwerp, Belgium.

Additional requirement (Only one is needed)

  • Knowledge networking and writing networking code.
  • Knowledge developing for Playstation and XBOX and experience with TRC implementations.
  • Experience with development in Unreal Engine for VR-platforms.


  • Knowledge of C++ and other programming languages.
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